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Bike rental & Tours

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TIP (Tourist Information Point) Amsterdam-Noord offers the opportunity to experience Amsterdam as it should be, by bicycle! Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, you can take a bike ride along old Dutch villages in Waterland, hip hotspots or historic districts in Noord. After exploring Noord and surroundings by bicycle, you can also visit the center of Amsterdam.

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At TIP Amsterdam-Noord you can rent a bicycle and you can go on adventure by yourself. Buttt you can also register for a nice tour with a guide who will take you to the most beautiful places in Amsterdam North. And of course they know all about it. Our highlight tour will indeed take you to the highlights: from the historic Ransdorp to the Vliegenbos, from the iconic café ‘t Sluisje on the Nieuwendammerdijk to the d’Admiraal mill. You will also see some of the Noordhollandsch Kanaal and the Buikslotermeerdijk. You cycle through the beautiful, green hinterland of Noord, learn everything about the history in special stories, and you can just bump into a pleasant ‘local’. If you have special wishes, we will adjust the tour accordingly. Are you coming? Then make a reservation 24 hours in advance.

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3 hours € 10,00
1 day € 12,00
24 hours € 13,50
48 hours € 22,00
72 hours € 30,00
Extra day €   8,00
Insurance is € 3,00 a day.
Insurance is against theft en damage from and on the bike.

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