Koe in de wei

Every day there is more life and fun on the street.
Every day we are a little more open
Every day we can offer a little bit more
Every day we take a step further
Every day is a new day


Discover the North this sunny weekend.


  • Rent a bike and discover the rural North

Hop on the bicycle and ride through the overwhelmingly green hinterland. Situated just outside the city, you will discover many most charming spots in the pastoral villages. Cycle from Ransdorp through Zunderdorp to Schellingwoude, even if it was only to visit that century-old darling little church there. Then to the tiny village of Holysloot. Next the chappel and little harbour of Durgerdam to end up in the pearl of Noord: Nieuwendam. Follow the enchanting trajectory of the Nieuwendammerdijk, past the characteristic bell gables of the old houses. Enough picknick tables along the way, so load up those bike bags! Book your bicycle via https://amsterdamnoordinfo.nl/en/bike-rental-tours/


  • Swinging at Lookout

For a spec-ta-cu-lar view you go to the A’DAM Lookout. Enter the A’DAM Tower and get in the ‘experience’ elevator that will take you to the 20th floor in 20 seconds. On the sky deck you have the most amazing 360 degree view of Amsterdam and its surroundings. On a good day you’ll see the polder and even as far as Schiphol airport. If you’re up for a challenge and don’t suffer vertigo, then take the stairs to the roof en have a seat on the the swing. You’ll be bungling over a 100 meter drop, literally taking you ‘Over the Edge’. Nothing beats swinging with Amsterdam at the tips of your toes! Make your top-of-the-world feeling last longer with a lunch or dinner in the panoramic restaurants Moon or Madam (combination tickets are available!). The incomparable views far beyond Amsterdam Noord will be well worth your time. Reserve your ticket in advance via https://www.adamlookout.com/tickets/


  • Artistic repair shop Oscar Peters

The Tolhuistuin opens the Artistic Repair Shop, a repair shop with the most prominent artists from the city. The best place to have all your broken stuff repaired. With this store you never have to throw away anything again. Making, making, making, that is the ‘new normal’. This weekend it is the turn of visual artist Oscar Peters. For more info check https://tolhuistuin.nl/evenementen/artistiek-repair-shop-met-oscar-peters


  • NDSM-EXPO 7.13

NDSM Expo 7.13 is an intermediate show about the Corona crisis and all its implications. An exhibition of more than 20 artists based at the NDSM shipyard. In this exhibition, the artists give their views on the corona crisis. With In-your-Face art to work that the viewer puts a heart to. For more info visit https://www.ndsm-fuse.eu/


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