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Hagedoornplein 2
1031 BV Amsterdam
T. +31 (0)88 69 69 869

Bunk Hotel

From church to artistic hot spot

The old St. Rita Church in the heart of Amsterdam North was converted into the artistic BUNK Amsterdam in 2019. A monumental building that can accommodate more than 300 guests. A location with a long and impressive history. The church was built in 1921 but was destroyed in 1943 by the Allies who had aimed their bombs at the nearby Fokker factory where the Germans produced their war equipment. After the war, the church was rebuilt, with a larger tower and a longer hall, but it eventually lost its religious function. BUNK made an open-air monument as a memorial to the bombing, its own distillery/brewery, creating space for artists, and rebuilt the library (with a vinyl collection!). Bunk is located in the middle of the old North, and only a few minutes from the ferry.

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