© Nichon Glerum

Every three weeks

NDSM-Plein 1
1033 WC Amsterdam



Vintage, vintage, and more vintage, we love it!

The hotspot for vintage lovers from the entire nation: the world-famous IJ-Hallen. Once a month right at the heart of the NDSM wharf you can indulge yourself at the more than 500 stalls of the market. It is a Walhalla for second-hand clothing and vintage interior design products. We don’t exaggerate when we say it will keep you busy for days. The IJ-Hallen market is known to be the biggest flea market in Europe. And the coziest. It isn’t only the merchandise that attracts so many visitors, it’s the unrivaled atmosphere! Wonderfully relaxed, messy, and above all super-‘gezellig’. Typical Amsterdam! The vendors there really have fun in what they do. You can grab a good bite to eat, continue strolling the stalls, walk outside to admire the views, and… Basically, it’s a true day trip. And maybe (but almost certainly always) you will return with a fabulous find that will make your day or even your week. Check the calendar on the website and hope that you are in town at the right time!

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