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Van de T.T. Vasumweg tot de T.T. Melissaweg.



THE creative and cultural hotspot of Amsterdam

You have not seen or felt Amsterdam Noord if you do not check out the former NDSM wharf. This unique piece of historical heritage has grown to become the creative and cultural heart of Noord and all of Amsterdam. From the twenties till the eighties of the last century, the NDSM was one of the largest shipping wharfs in the world. Look at the cranes and the old dock. From here, enormous ships slid into the water. It was an ant nest of people building ships. After the demise of shipbuilding, this huge terrain become a no man’s land of deserted warehouses, halls, and lonely cranes. Creatives and artists were inspired by the faded glory, the emptiness, the industrial character, that enormously idle slipway, and its diligent past. It excites and speaks to the imagination. Over the years, all of this creative buzz melted together with this impressive industrial heritage and allowed for very new and noteworthy dynamics of creativity and culture. There is always something going on there, so don’t forget to check the calendar!

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