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Sneeuwbalweg 5
1032 VS Amsterdam
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Dive in, or relax on the meadow

Are you lucky, and is it hot in Holland? Then take a refreshing dip in the brand new, modern Noorderparkbad, another architectural masterpiece in Amsterdam North. But you can also go here in bad weather because in addition to the various outdoor swimming pools, they also have a large indoor pool. The Noorderparkbad is naturally located in the Noorderpark, and it has been designed in such a way that it forms an organic part of the surrounding greenery. A nice eye-catcher is the ‘rain curtain’ that has been applied. On rainy days you can read from the rain curtain how rainwater turns into swimming water. On sunny days the curtain is hidden in the fog and on winter days you can see how ice crystals transform the building into an ice palace. You can enjoy good food and drinks in the Grand Café, and of course with children’s and paddling pools! You have a beautiful view of the park and from the Noorderpark you can follow nice walking and cycling routes.

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