Wondr Experience


Monday to Friday 11.00 till 19.00
Saturday and Sunday 10.00 till 19.00

Meeuwenlaan 88
1021 JK Amsterdam
T. +31 (0)85 540 0205


Wondr Experience

Wanna play ..?

Are you ready for some ‘positive vibes’? Let’s go crazy and indulge yourself in this unparalleled ‘play paradise’ for young and old. You can not only play: in the WONDR Experience but you can dance under a sparkling sky, get lost in a tropical jungle, roller skate in the 80s vibe, sing out loud, chill on the pink beach ( in the summer ), and even take an unforgettable dip in a bath with thousands of marshmallows. Your creativity and imagination are stimulated, and believe us: you will leave the door as a new, happy person. In these uncertain and turbulent times, we can all use a good dose of WONDR. Make sure to book in advance.

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