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Cold, Wet & Windy

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Cold, Wet & Windy

While one’s innate desire may be to stay in the warm comfort of their room as it rains cats and dogs outside, you may be pleasantly surprised if you can muster the courage to venture out and explore Amsterdam Noord. Here is a list of 3 fun activities to do when it rains in Amsterdam Noord.


Visit a café

Amsterdam is renowned for its cozy café’s and “Gezellig” atmosphere, especially on rainy days. So wrap up well, grab your umbrella, and discover some of the most beautiful cafés in Amsterdam. Here are several cafés that are well worth the visit: Café ‘t Sluisje, Pllek, Café Keppler, Grand Café Noorderpark & Café Ons.

Café ‘t Sluisje

Located on one of the prettiest streets in Amsterdam, Nieuwendammerdijk, Café ‘t Sluisje (which means lock in Dutch), is a traditional ‘Brown Café’ that has been around for more than 100 years! Steeped in history, you can see many old objects and photos detailing the 450+ year existence of the building.

Their apple pie is incredible, and they have a wide selection of food and drinks available with comfortable seating. This is a proper ‘local’ café, so if you are looking to get away from the tourist traps and get a taste of traditional Dutch culture, this is one spot you don’t want to miss!




A sustainably conscious restaurant situated on the NDSM Wharf, Pllek effortlessly blends sustainability with comfort and taste. Sourcing many of their ingredients from local farmers, Pllek does not compromise on quality and their signature dish for each season attracts visitors worldwide, with raving reviews.

They also have a fantastic outdoor ‘beach’ seating area should you be lucky enough to visit on a sunny day. Be sure to stop by and visit this iconic restaurant in Amsterdam Noord.


Café Keppler

Just a stone through away from Buiksloterweg ferry and TIP Amsterdam North is a traditional neighborhood café serving tasty homemade food. From breakfast to lunch and drinks, they have freshly baked bread from their bakery, and freshly ground coffee from their roastery. Many of their products are locally sourced, and they pride themselves on providing high-quality homemade food that warms the soul. They are also open on Friday evenings until 11 pm serving delicious cheese fondue which is perfect for these cold winter months.


Grand Café Noorderpark

Situated in the magnificent Noorderpark, Grand Café serves tasty food and drinks throughout the year. There is a lovely terrace that backs on to the park, so children can play safely and be easily observed, whilst you enjoy a delicious cappuccino and sandwich. There is also a bike shed available, so why not go for a bike ride through the park and stop by the café for a drink to warm the bones.


Café Ons

At Café Ons you really feel like you are coming home. With comfortable décor, fresh and tasty dishes that are French and Italian inspired, and a strawberry cheesecake that will leave you wanting more, Café Ons knows how to create a radiant environment that brings guests back time after time. Coupled with a wood stove out on the cozy covered terrace, this is the perfect spot to grab a hot drink, and watch the flames and time slip by.


Escape Room

Fancy doing something a little bit different? If so, why not try your hand at one of the several escape rooms situated in Amsterdam Noord. Challenge yourself and your friends/family you are with to crack some codes, and break out of the game within the allocated time limit.

Not only is an escape room fun, but it is a fantastic way to spend a couple of hours with friends & family out of the rain. So, if you are looking for a challenge, stop by an escape room, claim your trophy, and be the no.1 escapist in Amsterdam Noord!

Escape Factory


Monk – Boulderen

Bouldering is a fun (and slightly addictive) activity that combines both physical and mental dexterity to climb walls up to 4m, without rope and above thick floor mats. There are over 175 climbing routes, called ‘boulders’, available in the gym which range from beginner to expert, so no matter your experience, there is a route for you.

Situated just a few minutes walk away from the F1 “Oostveer” ferry, Monk Bouldergym Amsterdam is ideally located just off the River IJ. Once you have finished your climbing, there is a café serving delicious drinks and tasty food. So what are you waiting for? Get out of the rain and get climbing today and reserve your spot here.