Budget-friendly activities in Amsterdam North.

Budget Friendly Activities

© Lenneke | TIP Amsterdam Noord

Budget Friendly Activities

If you are visiting Amsterdam on a budget, then there is plenty that you can do in Amsterdam Noord without breaking the bank. Here are Budget-friendly activities in Amsterdam North that will keep you entertained without burning a hole in your wallet.

Eye Filmmuseum

If you are a film buff (or a fan of cinema in general) then be sure to check out the EYE Filmmuseum. Managing more than 55,000 films from all genres, The EYE Filmmuseum is sometimes called ‘the cinematic memory of The Netherlands’, and that title isn’t an exaggeration. Their collection represents an outstanding sample of film history, from classics to blockbusters to cult films. The museum has a wide range of exhibitions about cinematography equipment, soundtracks, posters and there is a cinema screen which you can watch a film on.

Most of the exhibitions are free to explore, and you can buy a ticket if you wish to see a film. This is a great option for those working on a budget.

Daytrip to the countryside

Just a 20 minute bike ride North from the city centre, are some beautiful, quaint little villages that are a stark contrast to the hustle and bustle that Amsterdam can be known for. There are well marked bike paths that lead out into the countryside, and the villages: Nieuwendam, Zunderdorp, Ransdorp & Durgerdam will give you a taste of traditional Dutch architecture, and a glimpse of Dutch history. Durgerdam, in particular, has a protected status and hasn’t changed much architecturally in the past 500 years, so it is like taking a step back in time and visiting a Dutch village from days gone by.

There are plenty of cafés that you can stop at along the way to quench your thirst or fill your stomach. Alternatively, you can visit the delectable Landmarkt at Schellingwoude, to stock up on fresh produce from their market, to make your own picnic along the way.

This is a fantastic way to spend your day, and perfect for Budget-friendly activities in Amsterdam North. So stop by TIP Amsterdam North and we can rent you some bikes, mark out a route for you on a map, and get you set up for a wonderful day out in the Dutch countryside.

Cafe de Ceuvel

Cafe De Ceuvel is more than just a regular cafe, it is one of the most sustainable and unique urban developments in Europe. Perched on a former shipyard, De Ceuvel is an award-winning, sustainable planned workplace for creative and social enterprises.

Being sustainable isn’t just a phrase for De Cuevel. It is built into the very foundations of the cafe and the workshops that surround it. Upcycling old houseboats that would have been demolished, and using recycled and second-hand materials sourced throughout The Netherlands. This is just one of the ways that De Ceuvel is revolutionizing the way we view urban development.

They regularly host sustainable workshops and lectures, but also arthouse films, music evenings, and art exhibitions that are not necessarily related to sustainability. These events are often free and a brilliant way of learning and expanding your knowledge whilst drinking a Co2-free coffee and eating a tasty vegan lunch. You can find out what events are running on their website here.

So, be sure to check out De Ceuvel for a pocket-friendly and informative afternoon with good food and drink.

Artcity NDSM

Situated on the NDSM shipyard, Art city (“Kunststad” in Dutch) is an open expanse of 80 self-built studios and artisanal workspaces housed in the landmark shipbuilding warehouse at NDSM. The art city, a cultural breeding ground, covers roughly a third of the immense surface area. The other parts of the warehouse are rented out for film recordings, photo shoots, dance, music and theater performances, exhibitions, auctions, company and dance parties, markets, conferences, and so on.

Art City is open to walk/cycle around and they regularly host events throughout the year, where different artists get to showcase their art to the public, and you can find out what events are running here.

So, for an entertaining afternoon that won’t break the bank, check out Kunststad at NDSM.